Ahhh.. best ke Apple iPhone 5 ni ?

Apple iPhone 5 is due to be released in September which is speculated by many people to be the next step in the iPhone's evolution. However, there is cacophony which is building up based on the actual release date of this iPhone. A lot of people have been torn between waiting for the actual release of Apple iPhone 5 or simply choose to purchase an android superphone.
Apple iPhone 5 Features
While this is the case, the features that are expected to come with Apple iPhone 5 have forced many people to wait patiently for its release date. These Apple iPhone 5 features have been leaked to the public and are readily available. Some of these expected features are as listed below:
  • 8MP Camera: It is rumored that iPhone 5 will come with an 8MP camera linked with a dual LED display. This is expected to provide users with improved low light performance as well as clear shots especially if a user will be capturing objects in a place that has bright light.
  • Dual Core processor: It is believed that Apple iPhone 5 is designed with a dual core processor aimed to provide the necessary power while being used.
  • Curved Glass Exhibit: The rumors about Apple iPhone 5 coming with a curved glass display have been swirling due to the fact that Apple had been discovered placing an order for glass cutting machines which have the ability to make curved glass covers.
  • Glass Free 3D: The information released to the public states that iPhone 5 is likely to feature glasses free 3D viewing capacity to make capturing of videos much easier.
  • Voice Recognition: It is rumored that once Apple iPhone 5 reaches its release date, it is bound to come with voice recognition capabilities where users will have an opportunity to take one shot voice commands using the available buttons

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