Google plus, Picasa and Blogger missing photos

So you are a Blogger user and new to Google+. First thing first, here's what not to do:
Well at least not until you've done reading this article. That is because if you're not careful, you might lose all your Blogger blog photos, permanently!
Google plus photosWhat has Blogger anything to do with Google + then? Well when it comes to images, both Blogger and Google+ host their images on Picasaweb (
On Blogger, this hosting thing works behind the scene, as such the majority of Blogger users don't even know their photos are uploaded to and stored on Picasaweb. Google+ on the other hand, has included total access to Picasaweb account -meaning you can view and remove existing images, and upload new ones right from Google+ interface.
That's where the trouble starts. Many Blogger users, upon finding out that all their photos are visible on Google+ assume that they are also visible (and shareable) by their Google+ friends. Some are quick to respond to this seeming lack of privacy by deleting their personal albums and photos. Unbeknownst to them, they may in fact delete the exact photos posted on their blogs. They won't realize this, not until they view their blog and discover that all the photos are gone!
This can be easily avoided of course, if you were provided with the relevant information beforehand. Here it is:
1. Only the photos you share will be visible to your friends
Your Google+ friends will only see pictures you shared with them. So don't worry about your photos becoming public or anything to that effect. When you go to Your Albums via Photos tab > Your albums, there is a description that clearly states that:  "Albums you haven't shared remain only visible to you".
google plus unshared photos not visible to others
2. Deleting a picture on Google plus will delete the original copy from Picasa web album
There's even a warning when you are about to delete an album. Do read and understand the warning before taking the next step.
google plus picasa photos deletion warning
Once you click "Delete", the album will be permanently deleted. There's no undo button. It cannot be reverted. The pictures are gone for good! So be careful.


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