Google Halloween Doodle 2011 Fun Time-Lapse Video,See How They Made It

Google Halloween Doodle 2011
A fun time-lapse video of the Google doodle team & friends carving giant pumpkins in the Halloween spirit. Shot on location at Google's Headquarters in Mountain View, CA. Music by Slavic Soul Party! Composed by Matt Moran.Happy Halloween Day! Google celebrated the spooky holiday with one of their awesome doodles. This Halloween's doodle is much more than a doodle. The video set up at the Google Home Page features people carving the Google logo into giant pumpkins. 

Google's Halloween 2011 logo is made out of mutant pumpkins. The biggest pumpkin featured in the video is 1298 pounds! The time-lapsed video also features people from Google dressed in costumes and wandering in and out of frame.
Google Halloween Doodle 2011 - Behind the Scenes
So Now, we will see how they made it and what kind of effort went into the massive endeavor, Google was kind enough to offer a making-of video, which features a look behind the scenes of this year's Halloween project.

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