How to create a Hotkey/Shortcut for Blogger

How to create a Hotkey/Shortcut for Blogger
Gadgets For Blogger - Hot Key or Hot Key (* hah!?). Back again with my own on this blog hehe. Previously I have posted about the javascript you? This means that once again hehehe Javascript.

Down to brass tacks is enough time for my friend's discuss about Hot Key "Home". The small right now, for example, try the buddy press Ctrl + D on your keyboard. What happened? Right! A site will be in the Bookmark. Well, it seems that the small sample.

Well, that I discuss is the script that led to the Home Pages when pressing buddy Key (Hot Key) whatever HotKeynya on Keyboard: D. In other words, a script that leads to a specific url when the HotKey in press.

EXAMPLE! : (Hit the "H" on the keyboard, Now)

Well, it happened javascript support on all Web browsers. The script is not good according to my friend? hehehe. Approximately can be used for the benefit of not blog it? can certainly hehehe: D. Let us follow the way of making hehe.

• Open official website is at Blogger (google blogs)

• When the dashboard click the Design tab → Add a Gadget → Javascript / HTML

• Place the following code to the Javascript / Html Earlier

<span style="text-shadow:0 0 2px #777;">Press H to Go Home</span>
if (document.layers)
function backhome(e){
var targeturl=""
if (document.layers||document.getElementById&&!document.all){
if (e.which==104||e.which==72)
else if (document.all){
if (event.keyCode==104||event.keyCode==72)

~ Code Red is the goal of a Hotkey Url
* IMPORTANT! : Code Orange is the code Hotkey. 104 written there which means the code Hotkey H. Here is a list of codes that symbolized Hotkey code into numbers

Hotkey A = 97
Hotkey B = 98
Hotkey C = 99
Hotkey D = 100
Hotkey E = 101
Hotkey F = 102
Hotkey G = 103
Hotkey H = 104
until Z

There will be replaced as a friend :).
• Now click Save!

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