Google+ profile with your blogger blogs

I got a great news from blogger blog that In 4 months more than 40 million people joined Google+, This is a powerful social networking connection for internet users.Now Google+ is a fastest growing social network.

Blogger announced the first way you will be use your Google+ profile with your blogger blogs.This is a great news from Google.

In addition to giving your readers a more superlative and familiar sense of who you are, your social connections will see your posts in their Google search results with an annotation that you've shared the post.

Use Your Google+ Profile With Your Blogger Blogs

One thing more that, bloggers who switch will automatically get access to the Google+  integrations. If you blog under a pseudonym and you don't want to connect your common name with your blog, this integration may not work for you. That's why they've made it completely optional to switch.

How To Use Your Google+ Profile With Your Blogger Blogs ?
If you have a Google+ account and would like to replace your Blogger profile with your Google+ profile, First of all log in to and click "Get started" on the promotion message, screenshot below, or click here to get started right away.

Use Your Google+ Profile With Your Blogger Blogs
On the other hand If you don't have a Google+ account, you can create Google+ account here first, and then go back to and look for the promotion message. 

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