How to view malaysia blocked websites


Since June 2011 MCMC has blocked 10 file sharing websites to curb piracy and for those who are rely on these web services, your surfing now is just like a nightmare. No more free piracy goodies :)
The websites that are blocked by the local ISP's are :

How to bypass / unblocked these websites
This website has shared some tips for your consideration.
CAUTION: This is not encouraging you to bypass the websites at work or in schools and not all tools or websites mentioned here are working appropriately, hence I shall not be held responsible for any damage caused to your computer and rules and regulation that you violate from using these proxies.
1. Use Proxy-Based Apps
There are quite a number of apps that can help you surf blocked sites. You just need to use it when accessing those blocked sites. One that you can try is (It's for IE only though) or

2. Use Proxy Servers
Instead of downloading the proxy-based apps, you can in fact try to setup your browser with open proxy servers. Get the free proxy list from here and here and learn how to set up them in Firefox and Chrome. You can also use the Online Proxy servers tool as available here.

3. Use Other DNS Servers (One of the best!)
Instead of using the DNS servers provided by your ISPs, try to use FREE DNS available out there. The famous one is Google's DNS servers – and Follow this link on how to use this DNS by Google. You might want to try OpenDNS too ( and For Windows Users, Just double click on your connection icon, go to Properties, locate TCP/IP and double click. You'll see the DNS settings there.
If you're using "auto-connect" via a router modem, please change the DNS in your router's admin page.

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